StoreEngine™ SE300-VPX

The SE300-VPX StoreEngine™ is a single slot 3U air-cooled VPX module that can function as a high bandwidth data recorder, RAID device and file server (NAS). Each of these modes of operation can be run concurrently on a single StoreEngine™. Specifically engineered for use in rugged embedded systems, StoreEngine™ provides unmatched storage functionality, high performance, high capacity, and scalability all within a small size, weight, and power (SWaP) footprint.

  • Storage Controller with optional SSD storage
  • Full suite of storage management software
  • Recording, DAS, NAS applications
  • High Performance: up to 6 GBytes/s
  • SSD capacity of up to 12TB
  • Use with StorePak XMC or StorePak VPX
  • Low Power: 40W (no SSD) to 55W (12 TB SSD)
  • Standard PCIe and 1/10 GbE backplane interfaces
  • Rugged air cooled VPX

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StoreEngine™ Products
Base Model Number Form Factor Cooling Extended Temp Available Max Storage Capacity
(per unit)
Max Performance
(per unit)
RAID Levels Standard Interfaces Recording Network File Services Direct Attached Storage
SE300-CCVPX 3U VPX Conduction Yes 12 TB 6 GB/s 0/1/5 PCIe, 1/10 GbE Yes Yes Yes
SE300-VPX 3U VPX Air Yes 12 TB 6 GB/s 0/1/5 PCIe, 1/10 GbE Yes Yes Yes

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Critical I/O’s technology focus is high capacity removable SSD storage, and high performance interfaces supporting protocols such as RDMA.

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